Successfully Tracking Your Mail Campaign

Direct mail advertisements are one of the most effective methods of advertisement. The main advantage stems from the fact that with direct mail marketing, the market targeted is one that is likely to convert rather than a general market.

Moreover, it is an inexpensive method as compared with other methods of advertising, it costs much less. The major advantage, however, must be the fact that you can track your mail campaign. Most businesses, after releasing an advertisement, always wonder whether it is effective and whether it reached the intended market. With direct mail, you can track the results to realize whether you had a successful mail campaign.

How to Successfully Track Your Mail Campaign

The methods to successfully track your mail campaign are as explained below:

a)        Send follow up emails.

When using a direct mail campaign to advertise, a single mail is not enough. Most times, adverts in an email will receive a glance then it will be ignored. However, after sending the first mail, send a second mail reminding the potential customer of the first mail, and then a third mail reminding him of the first two emails. This way, if your competitor sends an email after your first mail, your subsequent mail will remind the customer of your product.

b)       Ensure that the target market is likely to convert.

Each business aims to increase profits and reduce costs. Increasing your Return on Investment requires cost-effectiveness of your campaign, and this cost –effectiveness is achieved if more customers convert. Therefore, target a market that has shown interest in your product before, as they are likely to convert.

c)        Use an attractive and eye-catching headline.

The first letters that the target market’s eyes will land on is the heading of your email. An attractive and well-scripted heading will increase the curiosity of the customer, and he or she will end up reading through the email.

By increasing the cost-effectiveness of your direct mail campaign, you increase your ROI, and this is possible only if you successfully track your mail campaign.

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