Effectively deploy your marketing strategies.

Put Pel Hughes’ experience and capabilities to work for you. In addition to being your innovative marketing resource, we’ll be your go-to production partner who can prepare, print, mail and email all your marketing efforts. Our experienced team of database managers will work with you to unlock the unlimited marketing potential of your databases, where we will design, manipulate, append or relate your database to work effectively with your marketing goals. Our personalization experts can put the latest marketing techniques to work for you immediately while offering the greatest flexibility in all print and internet mediums.

Services include:

Digital Printing Services
Gear up with today’s most advanced digital printing technology. Our Digital Printing Technology takes you into a new era of color, quality, speed and personalization. Every digitally printed page pops with eye-catching color. We utilize Xerox’s one-color, two-color and full color laser printers to create your documents in the most cost effective way. Your statements, invoices and direct mail campaigns can now be even more direct, more individualized and efficient than ever.

Offset Printing Services
Load up on printed materials will make a strong first impression and keeps on impressing. We’re printers long on experience yet masters of the latest technology, who combine craft and innovation in everything we do. Challenge us to any offset printing obstacle and you can expect us to respond with quality, consistency and affordability. Whether you need letterhead that says something special about your business or a brochure that says it all, we’ll help you make it memorable.

Binding & Finishing Services
Close the book on your search, you’ve hit the jackpot. Our Binding and Finishing service gives your project the end look you’ve envisioned from day one. Our range of binding options means that everything from a simple presentation to your company’s all-important annual report will look sleek and professional. Beyond binding, we offer finishing services that can greatly increase your options. You can have your documents folded, cut, laminated or mounted. Plus, we can drill holes for three-ring binders or other uses. Basically, if you can imagine it there’s a good chance we can do it.

Complete Mail Shop Services
Signed, sealed and delivered—We offer you the fastest and least expensive document delivery options. Whether you are mailing 250,000 monthly statements, emailing or faxing your last minute sales literature to your client database or shipping 200 seminar manuals, we can show you the most efficient way to go. We offer intelligent, selective inserting, high-speed inkjet addressing, high volume binding or other services your projects may require. We also deliver via the United States Postal Service, UPS or FedEx or we can present your documents on the Web for viewing and online payment. Best of all, we produce your documents in an automation compatible format that will help them speed accurately to their destinations at the lowest possible cost.


Connecting through email is one of the easiest ways to nurture your relationship with customers. Take it to the next level with our quick and precise email solutions.


Unlock the Marketing Potential of Your Data.

With Pel Hughes on your team you can easily enhance, manage, profile, and leverage your print and email data to make it more targeted and productive in all your marketing.

  • Automatically pre-populate fields to boost response.
  • Keep your data current by letting customers and prospects update their records.
  • Manage and view all the data from your desktop.
  • Make your data more productive by appending insightful demographic and other interest information.

You can even access targeted rental lists of fresh prospects to grow your customer base and your business.