Your Marketing is Just a Desktop Away.

Through a professional Pel Hughes on-demand marketing website, your organization can have its own private, accessible online content library to house all approved marketing materials and data.

Implement print orders or an entire programs from your desktop.
Creative printing services are now at your fingertips with web-to-print. With a few simple clicks, you can initiate marketing programs, produce collateral, manage marketing campaigns and more.

Your company’s personal, on-demand marketing site makes it possible to:

  • Cut costs and streamline marketing.
  • Control brand consistency of collateral materials.
  • Save the cost and end the waste of pre-printing materials that get outdated and go unused.
  • Control your marketing efforts right from your desktop.

For franchises and other organizations, we can set up a customized and branded portal to be accessed by your branches or franchisees to simplify their marketing and prevent them from doing ad hoc programs that conflict with your brand.

Branded marketing portals provide your enterprise with an online, automated printing and delivery method for brand-consistent marketing communications and sales materials. Pel Hughes designs, builds, host, and manages your web portal that gives you centralized control and management and local participation. Marketing teams can instantly deploy updated collateral, Direct mail/Email campaigns, promotional items, and any digital asset to their organization.


Customizable Marketing Materials — Offer intelligent marketing templates to your users to help them produce customized pieces in an automated fashion.

Efficiency — Save costs by automating marketing processes, streamlining your marketing workflows, and reducing obsolete collateral.

Localization and Personalization —   Produce localized and personalized content and imagery within your marketing collateral to improve customer engagement and relevant messaging.

Brand Control — Stay “on brand” and maintain your company’s brand guidelines by specifying what, when, and how content can be customized in your marketing.

Centralize & Consolidate — Your portal can host all marketing assets and supports integration into your internal workflow.

Marketing Automation — Streamline marketing, creative, fulfillment, distribution and approval processes to optimize marketing operations efficiency.

Reduce Time to Market — Reduce the time producing marketing materials by automating workflows and processes that deal with content and imagery.

Employ Dynamic User Access, Workflows, Budgets — Configure user profiles to dictate access to materials, auto-populate marketing templates, determine approval rights, and more.