Customer Acquisition

Acquiring new customers is the lifeblood of every business. Finding and converting prospects into customers has become extremely challenging with today’s media explosion. Our approach is to examine your inbound and outbound strategies and insure that a consistent messaging strategy is being utilized and that all leads are being directed to the proper internal channels. Cross-media campaigns strengthen your message by utilizing multiple media to reach prospects. Our marketing automation allows our clients to keep in touch with prospects effectively and economically until they are ready to buy.

List Acquisition

Growing your customer database and generating leads is a constant challenge for marketers. Measuring those campaigns and showing results is even more so!

At Pel Hughes, we understand that sales leads are more than names on a mailing label. They’re the future of your business and an opening to new revenue streams. The right mailing list drives these qualified sales leads and we’ll help you get there!

Whether you need to saturate a specific area of the country or focus exclusively on key demographics/firmagraphics, you’ll gain much wider access to more qualified buyers through our Lists and Leads Service.

As a Pel Hughes partner, you’ll benefit from our impartial recommendations, years of experience and exceptional client service, resulting in customer prospect data that supports a more personalized and targeted direct market marketing initiative.

You’ll also have access to national consumer databases of more than 240 million individual names and 180 million household addresses, including more than 300 data attributes of demographic, lifestyle and behavioral data to help you grow your business.

Modeling and Analytics

Pel Hughes will enhance your marketing effectiveness by using a customized mix of expert profiling, predictive modeling, site and micro-market analysis, indexing and significance testing, segmentation, list management and mapping. You’ll create the insight required to help your business become more profitable. There are four different solution levels we use to gain valuable insight to a target audience:

1 – DataSNAP

Statistically profile your best customers against compiled data to create a profile report detailing what makes them different from everyone else around them. Within minutes – using our automated, easy-to-use service – your house file will be matched against our comprehensive database to create a customized market penetration analysis.

The strength of DATASNAP relies in its ability to provide up to 28 consumer and 16 business demographic overlays, revealing more information about your customers, so you can market more effectively.

2 – Response Modeling

Response compares two groups of data (for example, responders and non-responders, renewals and cancels, or paid and unpaid).

The model builds a statistical algorithm that can be used to find more prospects that are likely to respond to your offers, make purchases, renew subscriptions, etc. This automated solution is designed to provide a detailed report about what’s important in making your two groups different.

3 – Predictive Modeling

Our team of professional statisticians will help you understand what makes your customers unique on key activities like response, renewal or payment.

Key findings will be provided to you two ways… In a comprehensive report demonstrating why customers do what they do, and in a consultative session to answer any questions you might have. A scoring solution will also be included which can be used for universe counts or list orders.

4 – Custom Modeling

Our most advanced solution adds the power of customer transactions to the analytic process to identify key behaviors, distinct clusters within your file and/or valuable cross and up-sell opportunities.

As a result, you’ll continue to learn more about your customers, finding smarter, more efficient ways to market and deliver effective messaging. Our comprehensive reports and detailed findings can be applied to future campaigns by us or implemented into your systems.

Customer Retention & Loyalty

Did you know that it costs, on average, five times more to acquire new customers than it does to maintain existing ones?

Pel Hughes focuses on engaging your customers, showing them you care and consistently communicating with them. Through our automated, data-driven retention campaigns, your customers will know that you appreciate their business and care enough about them to offer targeted solutions.

Our programs offer relevant, personalized content through direct marketing channels (direct mail and email). Our goal is to increase overall loyalty, create ambassadors and brand champions, and heighten social perception of your brand.

The best advertising in the world is your customers bragging about you to others! With our automated system, your involvement and invested time to your loyalty campaigns can be minimal. Because of the relevant, highly personalized, direct communications your customers receive, they will continue to feel like they matter to your brand and, most importantly, are appreciated!