Achieve Increased ROI With Direct Mail Marketing

With the ever-growing popularity of campaigns for social marketing, landing pages to gather leads and the use of mobile apps as marketing tools, smaller businesses may find using direct mail marketing to be viable option. With the ultimate goal of increasing traffic and leads, ensuring the optimal ROI is achieved means taking a tighter grip on the reigns of already small budgets for marketing. What may be deemed by some as an old-fashioned method for marketing may in fact be a cost-effective option.

Effectively Combine Digital Channels

While research has proved the ROI resulting from direct mail compared to the sole use of email marketing, the use of direct mail as a stand alone isn’t as effective. When combined with multiple channels, direct mail marketing can increase response rates and significantly lower the cost per acquisition when compared with paid search and internet displays. A study conducted in 2015 by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the CPA proved that direct mail marketing ranked third in performance at an average cost of $19. Moreover, when combined with all digital channels, it was proved to be seven times more effective.

Track Metric

While many businesses employ the use of multiple marketing channels to generate leads and bring about better awareness of their brand, direct mail marketing can still stand as a viable means of bringing substantial ROI. In order to determine the effectiveness of campaigns, it’s important to track the rate of response. This can be accomplished by using a call to action that can be used to properly monitor responses.

Growing a customer base is one of the main objectives of your business. Using digital marketing combined with direct mail marketing will not only increase the customer base but will increase sales if executed effectively.

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