Smartphone usage has broken the glass ceiling – instantly connecting consumers to the products and information they seek. To remain in the game, businesses must meet the demands of ever-evolving use of mobile devices.

Below are three must-seize marketing opportunities well served by the ubiquitous use of smartphones today.

Mobile sites: Online storefronts know that users are more than likely shopping from their mobile device. This means a full-blown web site built for large-screen viewing is apt to put off the shopper. This is why most marketing sites today have a mobile-friendly version that auto detects the user’s device and displays accordingly to the shopper.

Smartphone apps: Customer loyalty has been propelled to a new level with the shopping apps they can use right from the palm of their hands. Storefronts like are locked and loaded, influenced by individual trends and ready to display tempting products for purchase. Members can even buy with one click.

Social media: Smart marketers know they must engage consumers via social networks. Facebook makes it easy to create a business page and then, through the viral process of cross-media marketing through platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and others, marketers are reaching relevant — and even international — audiences in real time.

The immediate impact of mobile marketing has left many long-established companies in the dust. No app and no mobile site means less visitors and less sales. They are faced with hiring media consultants to quickly bring them up to speed.

Staying in the know with regard to mobile media is today’s key to smartphone marketing opportunities. Trends come and go faster than ever now, so riding the fickle waves are more daunting. Therefore, digitally-minded marketers focused on marketing to their customers likes will continue to take the smartphone marketing future by storm.