Fulfillment and Warehousing at Pel Hughes 

Pel Hughes is a one-stop-shop for full-service printing, including fulfillment and warehousing. Our approach to warehousing and fulfillment makes for streamlined processes that ensures our valued clients’ orders are packed accurately and shipped efficiently.  

Committed to running a tight ship, our team at Pel Hughes works diligently to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality service. In an age where many companies outsource their fulfillment and warehousing, our clients can rely on a dedicated team of professionals who oversee every project from conception to delivery. This level of attention to detail and accuracy is possible because we use technology to our advantage, pride ourselves in maintaining organized operations, and deploy stringent quality control measures to ensure that every order meets our clients’ expectations. 

The Pel Hughes Difference 

Since Pel Hughes was founded, delivering excellent client service has been a core value of our operations. Our mission is to help our clients’ businesses thrive with well-executed print advertising campaigns and a variety of other marketing services. One of the biggest factors behind our success is our hard-working staff. We employ dedicated individuals that align with our company’s mission and core values. As a family-owned enterprise, we strive to foster a great working environment that rewards work ethic and attention to detail.  

Another important element to smooth operations is a commitment to organization. When it comes to warehousing and fulfillment, maintaining an organized and uncluttered facility is essential to filling high-volume, accurate orders as quickly as possible. Meticulous facilities help our team perform at their best. 

Lastly, a key component to our warehousing and fulfillment operations is technology. We utilize online ordering portals and on-demand, automated workflow software to ensure that our team works as efficiently as possible. This technology also makes ordering materials easy for our clients. Our online ordering portal, Storefront, makes initiating campaigns, placing orders, and maintaining brand cohesiveness easy and efficient. Storefront also helps reduce costs by making it possible to print only what is needed.  

Benefits of Fulfillment and Warehousing with Pel Hughes 

Following are some benefits you can enjoy when working with our full-service printing company: 

  • Organized inventory management. We store your collateral in our expansive, on-site warehouse 
  • Reduced labor costs for our clients since we handle inventory and shipping  
  • Lightning-fast turnarounds 
  • Impeccable accuracy 
  • More affordable shipping rates 
  • Excellent customer service 

Pel Hughes offers an arsenal of services that can help your business merge traditional print advertising with digital marketing. We offer campaign automation, database services, graphic design, and cross media marketing to help your enterprise maintain a modern brand identity that reaches more customers. Fill out our convenient online form to request a quote or call (504) 486-8646 to speak with a friendly member of our team.