Question: What are the most common types of documents people send in for printing?
Answer: PDF documents! We ask that all documents submitted for printing be in this format.
Question: What type of file should I submit materials in for printing?
Answer: We suggest submitting either a PDF, packaged InDesign, or packaged Illustrator file.
Question: Why is this file type important?
Answer: The PDF file is the single most common file used for printing, and that makes it pretty important! “PDF” is an acronym for “portable document format,” and it really lives up to its name. When a .pdf file is made, it combines all separate elements of the document (fonts, graphics, etc.) into one single file. This eliminates the need to copy fonts and links and alleviates concerns about file incompatibilities that might result from different software or operating systems. In a nutshell, PDF files make moving documents between devices easy and minimizes mistakes.
Question: How do you convert a file to PDF?
Answer: Easy! Here’s a guide to all the ways of saving a file as a PDF from various programs: