5 Quick Reasons You Should Offer a Monthly Newsletter

Whether you have a personal blog or a commercial website, starting a monthly email newsletter can bring enormous benefits. In today’s tech-driven world, a newsletter subscription almost seems like an old-fashioned idea. You might be surprised, though, how effective a well-managed newsletter can be for increasing traffic to your website. Here are 5 quick reasons why you should implement a newsletter:

1. To drive up sales.

People are impulsive. Hook them with a sales pitch delivered right to their inbox. Statistics from Convince and Convert indicate that up to 44% of people respond to promotional emails, like newsletters, by making purchases. A well-worded call-to-action will bring people to your site.

2. Develop customer loyalty.

Brand recognition and customer loyalty are hard to gain in today’s super saturated media-driven market. People like to feel that they have a personal connection to a brand or website. Use a newsletter to give your customers relevant, useful information.

3. Familiarity and social media connection.

Most internet users are more familiar and comfortable with email based communication versus things like RSS feeds. People are already accustomed to checking emails daily. Also, the newsletter is a great way to reinforce messages delivered via social media sources.

4. It’s not difficult.

Newsletters don’t have to be long or require tons of rigorous research. Short, to-the-point newsletters with a few select links and a strong call-to-action is all you need to get customers engaged with your site.

5. Gain momentum.

You can think of newsletters as premium content for subscribers. Information and offers not available to others, means customers feel cared for and part of a community. Time your newsletter publication with important release dates and promotions to get a burst of activity on your site.