5 Quick Reasons You Should Offer a Monthly Newsletter

5 Quick Reasons You Should Offer a Monthly Newsletter - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

Although a print newsletter is antiquated, sending out a newsletter via e-mail is a great way to touch base with your client/customer base. You can embed hyperlinks, video content, photos, and even repurpose blogs from your website into a newsletter. Newsletters can be used to drive promotional sales and donations to social causes, too.

If you haven’t tapped into the power of a newsletter yet, here’s five reasons to motivate you.

#1 Boost Traffic to Your Website 

A good newsletter has plenty of hyperlinks to relevant pages on your website. These links will help guide your customers to your products and services. It will also help them find helpful information about your company and your contact information.

Since companies don’t make conversions without traffic, any tool you have to drive up visits can help your bottom line.

#2 Amplify Your Social Media Following 

In addition to well-placed links, you can embed social media buttons in the header, footer, or side margins of your newsletter that take your clients right to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is especially useful for when your readers peruse your newsletter from their mobile devices—as they’re typically already logged in to their social media accounts, which makes following your business pages as easy as one click.

#3 Increase Sales  

Effective newsletters have calls to action that entice your readers to purchase a good or service. You can also alert your customers to promotions in your newsletter. In fact, 44% of consumers said that a promotional email led to at least once purchase in a year’s time.

Make sure your newsletter mentions that promotions or sales are time-sensitive and that they should act quickly to take advantage of them. Strong calls to action paired with promotions could provide a noticeable boost in revenue.

#4 Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Industry 

If you already have a website, blog, and social media, you likely know that today’s consumers want to work with experts. Whether you’re a professional house cleaner or an attorney, your marketing efforts should brand you as a local expert in your field. Newsletters are a great way to keep in contact with your customers and clients with helpful and trusted information that only someone like you can deliver.

#5 Share Important Updates Specific to Your Business 

Have you recently expanded your area of service or your operations? Maybe you’ve hired a rockstar employee who can enhance the service or goods you deliver your customers. All of these business developments are perfect content for a quick newsletter. Sharing your successes and efforts with your client base helps you build loyalty and trust with your community.

Developing an awesome newsletter is easier than you think. It also makes great sense to engage with your customers on a monthly basis. If you haven’t tried your hand at newsletters yet, there’s no better time than now to give them a try.