Many people may think of print ads as merely ink on paper–something flat and static. However, these people are missing the potential paper can give them.

These excellent advertisements use technology, special add-ons, and more, making them more than just a piece of paper. Combining with your cell phone or even giving you the ability to customize what you see, they are as interactive as they are eye-catching.


The brand teamed up with Wired to promote the Moto X’s customization. People could change the color of the phone by pushing buttons.

Kontor Records

Seeking the attention of the best creative advertising professionals, Kontor Records sent a vinyl record and a paper turntable in their advertisement. The vinyl record could be played with a smartphone, combining both a vintage feel and top-notch technology.


Volkswagon published a three-page spread so readers could take a test drive. You could download an app and can try out different features, including the “Lane Assist” mode that would cause the phone to vibrate when it got too close to one side of the road


To promote its sunscreen products, Nivea created a print ad with a solar panel that could charge a cell phone.

Do you know other examples illustrating the great interaction between print and digital promotion? In which other field would this way of advertising be profitable? Then let us know in a comment.