Best practices for incorporating direct mail into a multi-channel marketing strategy

Businesses that employ a multi-channel marketing strategy should make consistent use of direct mail. The multi-channel approach is quite effective at reaching potential customers and engaging them in content. Out of the multitude of typical marketing channels, the best is direct mail. Let’s take a look how it can be an integral part of a […]

Why Advertising in Newspapers is Still Effective

Should You Consider Newspaper Advertising? Each year, articles appear online bemoaning the death of newspapers and saying that websites will soon put old fashioned broadsheets out of business for good. Yet, each year, some newspapers continue to thrive as others shut down, suggesting there is still a viable market for newspaper publishers who know what […]

Ideas for Your Next Print Marketing Campaign

Ideas for Your Next Print Marketing Campaign Print marketing is certainly not dead, as some internet devotees would have you believe. It still holds an important place in your overall marketing plans. Here are some ideas that will help your next print marketing campaign stand out from the rest. Print Marketing Is More Unique The […]