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A guide to embossing and debossing

Embossing and debossing are both great ways to enhance your prints and bring attention to specific elements of your design. These processes add texture to business cards, post cards, brochures and more, by creating raised or depressed areas on the paper. Highlight important details, such as logo, graphic, or names! Adding a tactile dimension to […]

What is a self mailer?

You probably find self-mailers in your mailbox almost every day, but you may not realize what a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool they can be. A self-mailer is promotional material that’s mailed without an envelope. It can be anything from a simple postcard to an elaborate brochure or catalog. You might think of self-mailers as […]

What is a print signature?

A signature is a group of pages that are printed, most likely on both sides of a single sheet of paper that once folded, trimmed, bound and cut, become a specific number of pages. The number of pages on a signature depends on your page size and the size of the press sheet they fit […]

Eye catching envelope design

Even though email has become the go to method for communication, nothing beats sending a good old-fashioned letter. Having envelopes that are creative and unique will make your mail communication stand out. Custom envelope printing will help get you noticed and into the hands of your recipient.   Tips and guidelines for envelope design and […]

Use Political Postcard Mailer to Get More Voters

It’s the homestretch to the voting booth and if you’re on a political campaign or running for office, then you’ve got to start leveraging every channel to get your message out there. You should certainly focus efforts on building a robust, smart, targeted digital campaign, but even today there’s room for getting attention with a […]

Printing tips: 5 Rules for Readability with Type

Word processing and desktop publishing packages allow us to create eye catching content which can be often inaccessible to many readers due to over design, over use of colors and typefaces. But content can both look great and be accessible, by creating documents with a clear structure and layout and using a clear typeface, we […]

Avoid these common mistakes when creating artwork files for print

When creating your print design, there are some simple yet common mistakes we want to help you avoid. These errors can make an otherwise smooth printing job a complete pain. Here at Pel Hughes we want to make sure your printing experience is altogether flawless – just like your final product. Read on to find […]

What is paper scoring and how does it work?

Did you know there is a professional way of folding paper? Yes. There is a correct way to make those crisp lines, and if you don’t believe us, go grab a cereal box and do a little experiment. Take said cereal box and disassemble. Now take a square section of the box and fold it […]

Win customers with colorful packaging

Color is incredibly powerful. The right combination can be striking…             While a poor pairing can offend our sensibilities….                   We can feel calmed, invigorated, happy, sad, excited – even nervous – based on a color we see. We associate color with […]

5 ways to take your brand outdoors with summer marketing

Did you know that summer is the best season to market your brand to potential clients? Customers are more receptive to messages when it’s warm outside Many brands fail to market during summer months, which creates more opportunities for you Warm temperatures increase the perception of value, so customers are more likely to buy when […]